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Special times call for special measures

Dear Formula Student Teams,

We hope you are all healthy and had a good start into 2021. New year - new ARWo. Since most events were canceled in 2020, the ARWo 2020 may have been the last Formula Student Event that you attended. We want to keep the spirit alive, connect FS Driverless teams and provide a framework for professional exchange. You might ask yourself:

  • What are the other teams up to?


  • How are they handling the continuous changes to their project plan?

Well you might find out soon…

27th February, 2021
At 19:00 CET

Impressions from previous ARWo Events

ARWo 2020 Intro Movie

ARWo 2019 Aftermovie

Photos from the event

ARWo 2020


Technische Universität Hamburg
Gebäude I
Denickestraße 22
21073 Hamburg

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For questions, suggestions or other send us a mail to info@arwo.hamburg. Stay connected with our LinkedIn Group.


What is the ARWo and how does it work?

The goal for the workshop is to bring Formula Student Driverless teams together for an informal exchange. We will provide the framework for a networking event where teams can present their work in talks and discuss topics with fellow students from other universities.

The workshop is only as good as it’s participants. In order to have a great workshop we are asking YOU to prepare material in your field of knowledge (relevant to FSD). Even if some great idea you had didn’t turn out to work that great it might be worth sharing. Supporting material really helps the exchange and is highly appreciated and very useful to be used in discussions to better explain and visualize thoughts, concepts, ideas, problems and solutions. Wihtout preperation of materials the effectiveness of Workshops declines drastically, mostly due to our very limited time together.

Once the event starts, you are invited to suggest discussion topics in the “mopad” and signing up to the topics you are interested in. Discussions / Talks on specific topics are allocated to the time-slots and rooms according to demand. This will be done late friday evening to form our schedule for the weekend.


If you feel like you (or maybe someone else on your team) would be prepare a small Talk about a topic of your interest please let us now. Such Talks would be an excellent addition to the event and are most welcome. Just contact us via mail info@arwo.hamburg.


Due to the concept of the Conference and the allocation of topics according to demand no talk schedule can be published way ahead of time.