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The Workshop

From Friday 25th to Sunday 27th of March 2022 the fourth Autonomous Racing Workshop will be hosted at the Hamburg University of Technology.

Our goal for the workshop is to bring Formula Student Driverless teams together for an informal exchange. We will provide the framework for a networking event where teams can present their work in talks and discuss topics with fellow students from other universities.

All Formula Student Driverless Teams, independent of prior or future participation in official events, are invited to join us in Hamburg, free of charge. The Autonomous Racing Workshop is organized by current and former members of the Formula Student Team e-gnition Hamburg.

The event consists of two main elements: Talks of experts from the industry that will give a short insight into their autonomous driving applications and open talk sessions on the other hand. The open sessions will consist of prepared talks, open discussions, programming sessions or demos on topics concerning autonomous racing. Therefore, the workshop lives from the participation of all registered teams.

Event Date / COVID Update

We can not foresee the covid situation in February or March. But we know, that the chances of hosting an event in our university in February are extremely low. This is why we decided to move the ARWo date by one month.

The event will take place Friday 25th to Sunday 27th of March 2022

As mentioned before, we will comply with all local regulations. This will require you to bring proof of vaccination or recent recovery and a certified negative test result to the event. The event might also be cancelled in case we are not granted the necessary permissions by local authorities / our university.

Registration and Contribution

With your feedback from the last years, we have revised the registration procedure for this year. We would like to make it possible for as many teams as possible to participate at the ARWo while at the same time achieving a high level of technical expertise.

Therefore the registration procedure will consist of two phases this year:

  1. Starting tomorrow, teams can request registration slots for their teams members. Each team can register up to three team members by default. Teams can get an additional slot by giving a short (about 5-10 minutes) presentation on a topic of their choice at the ARWo. Longer presentations (about 30-45 minutes) are awarded with two additional slots. Those can be combined to a maximum of 9 slots in total. All participants from the past ARWos will not count as a slot and will receive an addition slot after registration. Deadline for registration is the 11.02.2022

  2. We will confirm registration until 20.02.2022. If there are free slots left afterwards, we will let you know and those will be distributed on a first come, first serve basis.

With this procedure we encourage all the teams to prepare themselves before the ARWo and therefore to have a better workshop for all of you.

The registration will be done through our web plattform:

Register Here

Participation Fees

Your participation will be free of charge. Breakfast, snacks and drinks will be made available free of charge. Dinner will be available for a very small fee.


Friday - March 25, 2022
18:0019:00Arrival of Teams @teamLounge
19:0019:45Opening Ceremony @auditorium
20:00open endPoster Session with food and drink
Saturday - March 26, 2022
08:30 Venue opening, Breakfast @teamLounge
09:00 Start of Talk & Workshop Sessions
19:00 Get together with food and drinks @teamLounge
Sunday - March 27, 2022
09:00 Venue opening, Breakfast @teamLounge
10:00 Start of Talk & Workshop Sessions
16:30 Farewell and See you in summer ;)

Important Dates

Date Event
2022-01-18 Registration Request opens
2022-02-11 Registration Request deadline
2022-02-20 Confirmation of slots
2022-03-06 Presentation topics binding
2022-03-13 Compulsory upload of poster and presentation slides
2022-03-25 Team arrival (5pm) and opening ceremony (7pm)
2022-03-26 Workshop day
2022-03-27 Workshop day

Registered Teams

e-gnition Hamburg AMZ Driverless Blue Flash Mobility Concepts Bodensee Racing Team CAT Racing Dart Racing Ecurie Aix Einstein Motorsport Elbflorace Elefant Racing E Motorsports Cologne Fast Forest FaSTTUBe FSB Racing Team GET Racing HAWKS Racing Herkules Racing Team KA-RaceIng Kaiserslautern Racing Team - KaRaT e.V. Oxford Brookes Racing: Autonomous Raceyard Revolve NTNU RUB Motorsport e.V. Scuderia Mensa Starkstrom Augsburg UMD Racing UPB Racing wob-racing.

Impressions from the ARWo 2019

ARWo Aftermovie

Photos from the event

ARWo 2020


Technische Universität Hamburg
Gebäude I
Denickestraße 22
21073 Hamburg

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For questions, suggestions or other send us a mail to info@arwo.hamburg. Stay connected with our LinkedIn Group.


What is the ARWo and how does it work?

The goal for the workshop is to bring Formula Student Driverless teams together for an informal exchange. We will provide the framework for a networking event where teams can present their work in talks and discuss topics with fellow students from other universities.

The workshop is only as good as it’s participants. In order to have a great workshop we are asking YOU to prepare material in your field of knowledge (relevant to FSD). Even if some great idea you had didn’t turn out to work that great it might be worth sharing. Supporting material really helps the exchange and is highly appreciated and very useful to be used in discussions to better explain and visualize thoughts, concepts, ideas, problems and solutions. Wihtout preperation of materials the effectiveness of Workshops declines drastically, mostly due to our very limited time together.

After the registration is closed, whe will provide you with an online platform to schedule all prepared talks and suggest discussion topics and workshop sessions. You will be notified via e-mail when the tool is opened.

Talks and Posters

All participating teams are required to prepare a poster about their driverless concept. We will discuss those in a poster session with food and drinks on friday evening. This poster session will help all teams to see different concepts and spark some ideas for their own developement. The poster is mandatory for all teams, even if you did not built a DV car yet. You can use the chance to present your ideas and concepts for a DV car to a broad audience with valuable FSD experience. We will contact alle participating teams for further details about the posters via e-mail.

In addition, teams are requested to prepare talks for the ARWo. Preparing a talk is mandatory if you want to bring more than three team members. For further details have a look at Registration and Contribution.

If you have further questions or ideas for contributions to the ARWo, contact us via mail info@arwo.hamburg.


A preliminary schedule will be available prior to the workshop. However, the concept of the workshop also includes dynamically allocated workshops and discussion sessions. Therefore the full schedule will be available just at the event in our webapp.


  • All talks and official gatherings will be located on the Campus of TU Hamburg
  • Car parking available on the streets near the venue and in the Uni Garage on demand


We cannot provide accommodation for over 200 guests. Please organize your own accomodation (Hotel/Hostel/Airbnb etc.). Please consider for the choice of your accommodation:

  • All talks and official gatherings will be at the venue (see above)
  • Breakfast and Food will be provided at the venue.

We recommend the area around the Hamburg Central Station, as it has a good connection to the venue as well as the nightlife

A few recommendations include:

Generator Hostel
A&O Hamburg City
Superbude St. Georg


  • Breakfast, Snacks and Drinks throughout the day will be provided for free at the venue.
  • Food trucks will serve a warm dinner on both evenings for small money.

What you should bring:

  • please prepare slides that can be used to present a talk or to facilitate the exchange during a discussion
  • bring slides about topics you want to discuss
  • you can present your current approach or possible ideas and discuss with others
  • prepare questions about topics you are interested in
  • laptop with dev stack, code base (→ ready to code) and/or CAD models